Two Year Anniversary of the California Prison Hunger Strike — #AbolishSolitary

i absolutely hate this and wish it to end. what nonsense is this, prisoners are not animals. this would be considered animal abuse in seconds if it was a cat or dog locked in there. absolute ludicrous.

Prison Photography


Statewide Coordinated Action to End Solitary Confinement, Oakland

Critical Resistance, today, reflected back upon the California Prisoner Hunger Strike, which had several iterations beginning in 2011 and culminating in 2013.

The update:

Two years ago today, the largest prisoner hunger strike in California’s history was started by prisoners in solitary confinement at Pelican Bay State Prison. Within the first month of the strike, over 30,000 in California’s prisons had joined, raising the call for the five core demands in unified struggle. The strikers received overwhelming support, with prisoners from across the U.S., in Guantanamo Bay, and as far as Palestine sending statements of solidarity. Outside prison walls, families, loved ones, and organizers elevated the imprisoned voices to an international scale, sparking solidarity actions all over the world, and even prompting the U.N. to call on California to end the use of solitary.

However, the struggle continues. The prison…

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March Against Monsanto Kelowna


:)))))) what an amazing thing!!!

March against monsanto kelowna was a complete and stunning success!!! There were hundreds of people, and so much awareness it made my heart light up with joy! The winds of change were blowing like crazy, and we got to walk past the farmers market and show support for our local organic farmers! Hey Hey Ho Ho, We don’t want no GMO!

Its a beautiful thing that the whole world was joining together to march against monsanto! I almost want to thank monsanto for uniting the world against them, but i wish it hadn’t come to this. There is no doubt in my mind that a monsanto and chemical free world is in our reach! This march changed the world today, the energy and need for change is at a max and at this point our current timeline is headed for the better. WE win! THE EARTH WINS TOO! ALWAYS! I’m so happy and glad, but we must not stop here! this is just a catalyst for bigger changes, really changes, and we will see them soon I’m sure, when the election comes up and steven harper gets the boot (like any of the parties are different, better then this guy tho) maybe then GMOs will be labeled or banned. THANK YOOU EARTH I LOVE YOU< WE WILL RETURN YOU TO YOUR MOST AMAZING NATURAL STATE! I LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

White Rage, the Hunger Games, and the Lack of Justice

Well then, i guess that fits. The only thing i would add is that its not just about the blacks, the whites are being suppressed as well, they just are either too stupid or too comftorable or too scared to do anything about it. The hunger games is a metaphor for how fucked up our world is rn.

Olivia A. Cole

eric garner

Today, like too many days, I am angry. Today a grand jury voted not to bring criminal charges against the white officer who killed Eric Garner, father of six, with a chokehold. The killing is on video, which many people hoped would mean an indictment and, eventually, a conviction. Not so. Today, America tells us once again that the value it places in black life is nil, insubstantial, nonexistent.

The protests have already begun in New York, and I’m thinking about anger, rage. I’m thinking about things that burn. When the grand jury in St. Louis County announced that it would not be indicting Darren Wilson in the killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown, Ferguson burned. Over the weekend, I saw the latest Hunger Games film—Mockingjay—and in it, the Capitol executes unarmed civilians, their deaths broadcasted for millions of eyes. I couldn’t stop thinking about Eric…

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Alas! Herbal Mouthwash!

So i was dilly dallying around trying to figure out what on earth i could use all my fresh mint for, as my plant is growing INSANELY and i needed to use SOME of it (i hardly made a dent) and i found some articles on the web about making minty mouth wash. Turns out i had everything i needed to make it in my garden and kitchen! Of course, i didn’t really follow a recipe, i more like combined a bunch of stuff based on my intuition and on what info the web supplied me with, but the result is better then it seemed it would be!

The main ingredients i used were cloves (sadly, the name brand kind in my spice cabinet, but oh well), mint (don’t ask what kind, peppermint i think is close, but mint), and rosemary also from my garden (my middle name is rosemary, which prompted me to go a little overboard with the rosemary, as usual). However, i decided to add a little bit of parsley for tooth health and to keep it fresh (ever wonder why they put it on your plate at resturants?) as well as like a leaf of lemon balm and a leaf of pineapple sage and the tiniest bit of thyme, pinch of basil, because why not? I never really follow the less is more thing, so i just decided to try it all in one go, next time ill have learnt my lesson and use less. But i had to try it all at once at least once lol.

To make it is really simple, boil some water(2.5cups), add the fresh leaves (like however many u want, don’t put more then a tbsp of cloves in, they are stronnggggg) and stuff in (some sources say while it comes to a boil, some say before, some say after, it really doesn’t make too much of a difference i don’t think.  but i threw it in when it started to boil), and let simmer for like 15-30 mins (i let it boil and steam the leaves with a lid off, then lid on, then half on for about 20 mins, i was just testing it out tho), and whala, let sit and cool down, strain the leaves n gunk out, and put it in a bottle. Now you have organic non chemical gross alcoholic mouthwash.I let it sit in the pot and cool down for like 2 hours because i had to go out for a bit, but when i came back it was nice and cool and i found a bottle and put it all in there. it smells and looks great! Iv never even used mouth wash, and I’m sick of fluoride in my toothpaste so i will defiantly use this a ton!

However, for 2.5 cups i only got like 1.25 cups back, and it tastes reeallyy strong. I assume for weaker stuff, you would just either put less in or let it steep for a shorter amount of time then 2-3 hours. i would go with the steeping time, although it was really strong smelling in the first place.

One important thing to note that i found out, is not to inhale the steam too much while boiling, because it made me kind of light headed and hungry, but i don’t think it should be too much of a concern. Also please keep in mind that you should probably spit it out when done, because just because its a bunch of herbs who knows what they all do together or all the possible effect, so unless you know be careful! Oh and if its kinda brown and dark and u used cloves in it,  maybe it will stain. I do not know. I will find out. Your teeth most likely are perfectly fine, just use caution as usual! no need to worry!! Maybe don’t let small children use as well. just to be  on the safe side. Im sure any amount of research would turn up what you need to know!

ahh warnings, so annoying, its just a bunch of herbs. totes safe!

One last part of this post, What are the metaphysical properties of these herbs?

Well rosemary is a sign of remembrance, and i could also say friendship. It stimulates your brain and such, good for mental alertness. by using this mouthwash, your brain might be stimulated (especially if you rub the top of your mouth with your young) and memory inhanced. Romans and greeks used rosemary tied into their hair to study and do tests! Good for purification and healing as well. So think memory and health for Rosemary!

Mint is just such a great herb, its invigorating and refreshing, and such is good for such things as promoting energy, communications and vitality. Its also very green and reminds me of prosperity or healing, and it spreads everywhere very fast, dispersing its energy effectively. growing so so green and fresh! Think mint, Think energy. Also has to do with talking sweetly (breath mints), luck and prosperity/abundance!

Parsley  is such a beautiful light green, and tastes kinda weird to me, but oh well. Its a very lucky herb, kind of looks like a clover and reminds me of ireland. It is the kind of plant that guards against contamination (i.e. on food dishes) but also metaphysically, it can keep ‘contamination’ out of your mind for an unyeilding thought process. And it is considered a herb of lust and fertility and prosperity! I think this blends the rosemary and mint together a bit, smoothing it over with some looovvveeeee.

And finally, cloves. I don’t know much about cloves other then they are rare and from a evergreen tree from Indonesia and that they are supreme for oral care.  According to some good sources that i use as reference regularly, cloves are good for mental clarity, protection and money, but also some lusty love, apparently used to attract the opposite sex. Considering this is mouthwash for your mouth, maybe you will speak more smoothly to the opposite sex? Oh, and your mouth will taste great!

So, along with being a supreme oral care concoction, tasting quite refreshing and being super firkin easy to make, the herbs used ALSO help you with your mental processes and memory, as well as possibly attracting luck, prosperity and lusty love into your life? Well helping your mouth out too? Imagine how much your mouth is gunna love you for this. Organic mouthwash for the win!
Ill post more the more i advance my concoction, and let ya all know how it works out for me and my family!

Comment below anything ya want! Beware i like to argue! (that is a challenge)

My first bottle of herbal mouth wash!
My first bottle of herbal mouth wash!

Todays Finds: Strange dream and sexy astrology time!

Happy new moon to all who happen across my brand new blog! How fitting, that i decide to actually start blogging on the new moon.  Wow, it is an intense energy time, out with the old and in with the new! And along with new inflow of energy, my resources are stacking up and my plan slowly starting to take shape and wind itself into reality. I certainly connected to the cycle of this time, as the new moon is in feminine and grounded taurus, with some nice trines to venus, spicing it up and bringing a whole bunch of romance into play. Or, if your me, then a lot of sex too. What a nice break out of the old patterns, I’m so glad that it is finally behind me! Oh, and tomorrow mercury is going into retrograde, so always wear your seatbelt (metaphorically and literally) and remember not to let stress get to you, or the miscommunication fool you. Time to reflect on your networking and such i guess.

Anywho, the main point of this post is to just let ya all know what I’m up to, and mostly the goodies i have gotten my hands on one way or another in the past few days! Its truly magical that i am given all the things i could need for my creative pursuits!

First off, i found a new newspaper a few weeks ago sitting at my favorite cafe, and good god its a newspaper i actually want to read! its called the New Agora, and its the kind of conscious life news you just can’t find find printed and distributed in any old place. In fact, this newspaper is so out there, its catch phrase is ‘Elect to govern yourself’. Whaaaaat? we can do that? who knew 😉 if you would like to check out the website click here and/or track down a paper printed version (i think they are all over bc). Its a really great bunch of media that is not owned by a huge corporation, for that alone i like it. I also like it cuz of who awesome it is too tho. Hahaha.

Second, my dear friend Ryan friend gave me a bag of hemp, what to do with it? i do not know. He said it would probably be transformed into something amazing and creative quicker in my hands then his. Or maybe he said useful, idk, it will be all of those things once i figure out what i could do with it.

Not quite as interestingly, my herbs are all doing very well, even my sad little sweet basil that won’t grow a damn is looking perky,  and everything in this vally is wet wet wet. But of course, that also means green green green, and i love it. Also, i have discovered that poplar trees are good medicine, and you can use buds to make poultices for cuts and burns, as well as the poplar tree having asprin like qualities (same chemical i think). Natural aspirin! made from trees that grow everywhere! How amazing and wonderful is it that mother nature provides all we need, if only more people would hop on my bandwagon and realize nature heals all>.<

Lastly, i have come across some of the most intriguing and mind blowing channeled information that i didn’t even know existed! Its channeled thru this guy called tom kenyon, and i really do not want to go to far here, but there is a website full of some valuable info that just shone a light on the truth so i could see past the lies confusing me, in the most energetic, knowing, good way i could think of.

I lied, this is the last thing. I just  have to share it! I had the most odd dream last night, almost projected into my mind while i slept! (in real reality) We (Me, my dad and ryan friend) all went up to the mountain and got our drank on, and decided to have a nice bonfire outside and drink some more, and well we were out here, there was this single star in a sky covered in clouds that kept flashing and disappearing. For some reason to our drunken minds that star was a spaceship, but soon enough it disappeared behind some clouds and the fire went out and it started raining and we were all ready to pass out so we went inside. I find it funny that as soon as we went inside it started pouring rain. What impeccable timing! Anyways, that night i had such a weird dream it could not be a coincidence. We were back outside around the campfire, just  the same as usual, the star was sitting there flashing at us and all was good. The only kind of different part was that the star WAS a spaceship, and we were kind of talking to it, but it is hard to explain when i was dreaming, the dream world is so much different then waking world. Anyways, at one point my father was like ‘why don’t you just come down here then’, and what do you know, but the star came closer and closer until we could tell it was a spaceship, landed on the roof, and out come to ordinary looking alien people (they looked like humans, but felt wayyyyyy not human, empathy wise). At this point i was slightly in awe/shock/confusion, but soon made sense that these were my long lost friends and they were here to chill, and they came and hung out around the campfire, looking like a normal blond human girl and a normal slightly beard man, and they drank beer and talked with my dad and  didn’t get drunk at all. Im telling you this was weird to  experience, let alone hear about.  I can’t get over the weirdness of the energy they gave off. If anything i would call it alien. hehe. But they were a lot more then just aliens. They were friends, even tho i didn’t speak to them much i don’t think, at least with words, as i was busy adjusting myself and feeling the greatness and so on and so forth.  And then i drifted off into another dreamscape, and i don’t know if they came with me or not. Thats all i can really remember, but its enough for you to get the point. Interpret away! i know the unwires 🙂 Ahhh, well then that is nice to type out.  Like i said strange dream,. good shit tho haha. good things for sure.

I think thats most of my new  discoveries and attainments and happenings, tho I’m sure there is more i forgot! ill come back and type at you again, happy new moon lovelies, with lots and lots of love! ~Cae