March Against Monsanto Kelowna


:)))))) what an amazing thing!!!

March against monsanto kelowna was a complete and stunning success!!! There were hundreds of people, and so much awareness it made my heart light up with joy! The winds of change were blowing like crazy, and we got to walk past the farmers market and show support for our local organic farmers! Hey Hey Ho Ho, We don’t want no GMO!

Its a beautiful thing that the whole world was joining together to march against monsanto! I almost want to thank monsanto for uniting the world against them, but i wish it hadn’t come to this. There is no doubt in my mind that a monsanto and chemical free world is in our reach! This march changed the world today, the energy and need for change is at a max and at this point our current timeline is headed for the better. WE win! THE EARTH WINS TOO! ALWAYS! I’m so happy and glad, but we must not stop here! this is just a catalyst for bigger changes, really changes, and we will see them soon I’m sure, when the election comes up and steven harper gets the boot (like any of the parties are different, better then this guy tho) maybe then GMOs will be labeled or banned. THANK YOOU EARTH I LOVE YOU< WE WILL RETURN YOU TO YOUR MOST AMAZING NATURAL STATE! I LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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